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Have your say in the DVDs you've been itching to see for years.


We can all think of quality shows like Joking Apart that just never seem to see the light of day. Maybe it's because they fall into a cult, niche market so publishers are too nervous to take a chance on them, but sometimes there just seems to be no logical reason for it. With your help, Replay wants to do something about that. So please, help us and we'll help you. Indeed, our most recent release, Chalk, is a direct result of being repeatedly suggested by our customers.


The email address for suggestions is:


We have once again made this facilty freely available to everyone. Due to past abuse by co-ordinated groups whose members individually bombarded us with the name of the same programme, we were previously forced to limit its use to our customers only. That step was not taken lightly and only with genuine regret and it is not something that we would wish to repeat. So please use the suggestion box in the manner it was intended.

Please understand that for these suggestions to be useful, they have to represent the opinion of a typical cross-section of the public. Concerted targeting and bombardment by dedicated groups of well-meaning fans makes it impossible for us to gauge general opinion. The end result is that Replay would not then be able to make a considered judgement about the viabilty of the release they are suggesting and would have to rule out any possibility of releasing it.

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