Chalk Series 1

Starring: David Bamber, Nicola Walker, Martin Ball, John Wells, Amanda Boxer, Geraldine Fitzgerald, John Grillo & Andrew Livingston

Running Time: 171 minutes plus lots of extras

Extras: Commentaries on all episodes featuring David Bamber, Nicola Walker, Martin Ball, Amanda Boxer, Geraldine Fitzgerald, John Grillo & Stacey Adair plus After The Chalk Dust Settled, a brand new 45 minute documentary from Replay chronicling the conception, making of and reaction to this controversial series.

Region 2 PAL stereo with SDH subtitles

Complete series never previously available in any format

Following in the footsteps of his award-winning comedies Joking Apart and Coupling, the new Head Writer and Executive Producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, brings us another helping of high-energy farce.

Galfast High School is an ugly, concrete carbuncle on the face of education, a paragon of mediocrity. Consistently under-achieving in every league table bar one, schoolgirl pregnancies, if Galfast were a football team it would be relegated every year. Rudeness and bad language are rife, knowledge is non-existent...And that's just the teaching staff.

Meet Eric Slatt, neurotic Deputy Headmaster with all the charm of a manic Dalek but considerably less compassion, plus a political incorrectness that places him firmly to the right of Genghis Khan (see your history text books.)

His staff drive him to distraction, none more so than idealistic, new recruit Suzy Travis who’s just so annoyingly sane and normal, unlike her colleagues. There’s Amanda Trippley, terminal spinster and music teacher with no pupils and even less ability. Mr Carkdale, Head of English, master of the language of obscenity but fluent in nothing else. Dan McGill, maths teacher, fascinated with statistics - Miss Travis' vital ones! Mr Humboldt, the PE teacher who would happily use a pupil's head for a football. And Janet, the School Secretary who appears to despise Eric more than the pupils..

This academic cesspit is disably led by Headmaster Richard Nixon, a powerhouse of ineffectiveness who clearly should have been pensioned off as a student.

It's a recipe for laugh-out-loud mayhem as the staff plunge from one Slatt-inspired crisis to another.

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