Why Buy Joking Apart?

When the series aired on BBC2, it was scheduled against ITV's ratings winners Minder, Peak Practice and Kavanagh QC. With so many people tuned into those shows, there was only a modest number of floating viewers left to discover this comedy gem tucked away on the other side. But most of these have been wondering ever since why this show is not better known and why they couldn't buy it in the shops. And now a whole new audience is finding out for themselves what all the fuss is about by taking a chance on buying the DVD. Here's why you should join them:

1) If you like Steven's Moffat better-known comedy Coupling, you're almost bound to love Joking Apart.

2) "Joking Apart is both a very high-energy rush and a scraping, bitter, quite angry piece. I rate this show very highly. It's one of those shows you like so much, it stops being the BBC's or Steven Moffat's or the cast's....It's ours!" WILLIAM GALLAGHER, UK DVD REVIEW

3) "Glorious high farce. Something too rarely seen on our screens. Joking Apart deserves to be better known." SIMON ROSE, BBC RADIO DVD REVIEW

4) "It's superb and well worth you buying. And I'd be saying this even if it was a high-profile BBC release. One of the best sitcoms I've ever seen, combined with excellent extras that actually do what extras are supposed to do. This release certainly deserves to sell well - and I hope it does. Because as much as anything else, I desperately want the second series to be released." JOHN HOARE, REVIEW - NOISE-TO-SIGNAL.ORG

5) "Never seen this before but I bought it on the strength of its reputation and I've not been let down. It's top notch." CLIFF CHAPMAN, DVD FORUM

6) "Widely regarded as a cult comedy classic." SHANE JARVIS, DAILY TELEGRAPH

7) "An absolutely incredible series. I don't think I've laughed as long or as hard at anything else." ANDREW MOORE, imdb

8) "Clever, anguished, extremely funny black comedy that began as an essay on marriage failure and turned into a series of ever more unlikely and riotous sex comedies." MARCUS BERKMANN, DAILY MAIL

9) "It's even better than I remembered. My wife, who'd never seen any, cried her eyes out." ANDY MURRAY, HAPPY CUSTOMER

10) "I wasn't a fan of Joking Apart but I'm now a complete convert and can't wait for series two!" SIMON COWARD, EMAIL

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